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With 20+ years of experience, our grasp of environmental issues related to industrial activity is excellent, and we are able to convey complex topics readily. Aerocomp instructors provide training to plant personnel on various aspects of pollution sampling assessment and control. The theory and practical application of monitoring, analysis, modeling and assessment are taught on a regular schedule, with both classroom and field practice emphasizing the latest technology while utilizing industry standard equipment.


A current list of offerings and scheduling is available from our office twice a year. Here is a short list of courses combining theory and practice which are offered by Aerocomp in the United States and Latin America during 1997:

Classroom Instruction

Course duration and cost are site-specific, being determined by the course selected, depth of study, and equipment purchased. Please use the information request below to help us evaluate your needs. In some instances we provide the monitoring equipment along with the training.





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Air Emission Inventory and Source Testing
Atmospheric Dispersion
Hazardous Material Sampling and Handling
Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling
Environmental Data Management and Statistical Summary

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