With growing public concern over environmental pollution, today’s managers face increasing challenges to assess the effect their industrial operations have on the environment. Aerocomp is a science and engineering company based in Southern California. With over 45 of experience in environmental programs, we can assist clients in Government, Business, and Industry in all areas of pollution control, from sampling and analysis to regulatory interface.

Because our work takes us accross the Americas, we have developed multilingual capabilities. For further information on environmental issues, contact the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Geological Service, the Air and Waste Management Association, the American Meteorological Society, the Water Environment Federation, or the American Chemical Society.

Core Competencies

  • Environmental Health & Safety, data analysis and forecasting of environmental conditions.
  • Air quality analyses, air dispersion and monitoring, regulatory interface, technical transfer.
  • Climate change projections related to precipitation, severe storms, hurricanes, and other extreme WX.
  • Numerical modeling of atmospheric processes, such as terrain-driven circulations or icing accretion.
  • Weather studies to support transmission line design across varied terrain routes throughout the US.
  • Return period calculations for 25-, 50-, and 100-years for strong winds, ice, rime, and snow loads.
  • Data management and analyses using Aerocomp-developed DBMS software METROBASE® MIMS.
  • Expert testimony on severe storms, hurricane damage assessment, analyses, and court appearance.


  • On our staff we have a California Registered Environmental Assessor (REA – 2503) and a Certified Consulting Meteorologist by the AMS (CCM 299).
  • Our company is distinctly responsive to client needs whether in business, industry, or government.
  • Because our overhead and G&A are low, the highly specialized expertise we provide is cost-effective.
  • Our experience and reputation during forty-five years in the business, ensures success as well as client satisfaction