Aerocomp, Inc. has extensive experience in designing and installing meteorological stations at industrial sites. These stations support data collection requirements to comply with environmental protection laws in most countries. Among other uses, these data are employed in air quality modeling for plant site determination or expansion. Concomitant with Aerocomp’s experience to combine meteorological and air quality information in an integrated air quality assessment, the company has developed important capabilities in projects that are energy oriented. Examples of these are regional wind loading and icing studies for electrical transmission line design, wind field characterization for wind energy utilization, weather modification studies through waste heat rejection from nuclear-site cooling towers, severe weather frequency distribution for emergency preparedness, planning, etc.


Many of these investigations, because they cover large physical regions and statistically long time spans, rely on a data management system with access and processing capabilities to provide efficient and accurate data utilization. A unique contribution of Aerocomp to environmental data handling has been the introduction of a comprehensive systems analysis approach for cost-effective data management. METROBASE® Information Management System, the heart of the Aerocomp system, is specifically designed to handle environmental information structured in both space and time. Since Aerocomp maintains one of the most extensive non-governmental meteorological data libraries available, certain studies can be undertaken quickly without a time- and cost-consuming data acquisition period. As with many of Aerocomp’s services, this type of support can consist of preliminary processing for the sophisticated secondary user or a complete package for the ultimate user.

As part of our meteorology support, the following services are available:

  • Siting of meteorological stations
  • Installation and calibration of stations at the plant
  • Training of plant personnel for effective station operation
  • Data analysis software and wind-field modeling
  • Climatological studies and database management.


For over forty years, Aerocomp has been an accomplished performer in the field of air pollution assessment and control. Our expertise in meteorology has helped accomplish this goal. Company scientists are experts in the mathematical simulation of transport and diffusion processes when effluents are released into the air. Company principals are Certified Consulting Meteorologists by the American Meteorological Society with comprehensive and proven environmental analysis, design, and assessment experience. Their extensive expertise is readily available to you for implementing or augmenting your meteorological observations and data analysis and presentation. You may wish to contact the American Meteorological Society for further information on their certification requirements and programs.