Expert Testimony

For the legal profession, we offer forensic services in the environmental sciences. This includes field investigation, analysis to support the case, and delivery of expert testimony in court. Studies to support a position are carried out under the direction of a staff member who has the most credible background in the given area; through active participation in the analysis, this individual becomes completely familiar with the case and is able to perform flawlessly during deposition and before a jury in court.

Expert testimony is available for the following incidents:

  • Exposure to hazardous substances from spills
  • Environmental liability from property transfer
  • Weather-related accidents of all types
  • Propagation of fires as a result of high winds
  • Slip and fall accidents on surfaces exposed to the elements

Aerocomp personnel can offer a much broader range of support for litigation related to environmental issues. If you are an attorney or paralegal in need of litigation services, please feel free to contact us for further details by filling out the form supplied in our company brochure; let us know of your need so we may assist your case.