Environmental Audits/Assessments

Environmental audits and assessments are used to quantify the environmental effects of a facility and to determine if pollutant levels are in compliance with norms, regulations, and guidelines. Some audits can be large-scale projects which include phases for planning, field survey, data acquisition, analysis, and the determination of appropriate controls or other mitigating measures. Pollution levels are determined within the zone of influence of the industrial plant.

Contaminant levels are determined in the following matrices in and around the site:

  • Air
  • Surface water
  • Groundwater
  • Soil
  • Raw materials
  • End product
  • Industrial waste


Furthermore, audits consider the health and safety of the workers inside the facility, not just pollution impacts outside the fenceline. For example, industrial hygiene practices at the facility are reviewed and the report to our client notes areas where improvements are needed in order to provide a safe work environment. Worker exposure to noise, radiation, heat, gases and particulates are monitored during the audit and the results are summarized in the report. Safety equipment and practices are also observed and problems, if any, are reported to plant officials. Other processes of concern might include wastewater treatment, handling of solid wastes, or the plant’s existing environmental management.

After all data are collected and analyzed, the auditor suggests possible remediation or mitigating measures. Permanent monitoring stations may be suggested to observe weather, air quality, or pollutant concentrations in wastewater. Control equipment may be identified or suggested based on the type and concentration level of effluents. For example, air scrubbers or water treatment methods may be devised for particular processes. Finally, costs of control equipment, operation, and monitoring are calculated to aid in budget allocations.

In summary, we offer the following services to meet your needs:

  • Environmental testing
  • Industrial hygiene studies
  • Pollution abatement and site remediation
  • Waste management
  • Raw materials
  • End product
  • Industrial waste


Aerocomp has performed several large scale audits in both North and South America. Scientists and engineers at the company are well versed in the methods of collecting and analyzing environmental/health & safety data. All the necessary equipment for sampling and analysis is available to our field offices ready for timely deployment to the audit site.