Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars With 45+ years of experience, our grasp of environmental issues related to industrial activity is excellent, and we are able to convey complex topics readily. Aerocomp instructors provide training to plant personnel on various aspects of pollution sampling assessment and control. The theory and practical application of monitoring, analysis, modeling and assessment […]

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony For the legal profession, we offer forensic services in the environmental sciences. This includes field investigation, analysis to support the case, and delivery of expert testimony in court. Studies to support a position are carried out under the direction of a staff member who has the most credible background in the given area; […]

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene An important component in an audit is industrial hygiene. Aerocomp uses NIOSH and OSHA methods to determine risks to workers. Risks might include exposure to gasses, particulate matter, radiation, temperature, and noise. In the screening, gasses such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide are monitored with dosimeter tubes, sorbent tubes, or […]


Hydrology Aerocomp performs water monitoring as part of its audit and assessment work. These studies may be independent or one of the various elements in an environmental program. The monitoring program is the foremost prerequisite to establishing accurate information concerning surface or underground resource contamination. The program is evaluated at several levels before drilling or […]

Source Testing

Source Testing Aerocomp personnel perform stack testing as a means of quantifying plant emissions to the atmosphere. This may be done for regulatory compliance or to provide input for mathematical models in support of environmental audits and risk assessments. During a site survey, our trained personnel observe the layout of the sources and determine the […]

Climatology for Transmission Line Routing

Climatology for Transmission Line Routing Incorporating loadings from wind, snow, and ice in your design Various meteorological conditions – some of them severe — occur during the lifetime of an electric transmission system. The worst are heavy winds, icing accumulation, and a combination of wind and ice. To prepare for these eventualities, engineers usually rely […]


Meteorology Aerocomp, Inc. has extensive experience in designing and installing meteorological stations at industrial sites. These stations support data collection requirements to comply with environmental protection laws in most countries. Among other uses, these data are employed in air quality modeling for plant site determination or expansion. Concomitant with Aerocomp’s experience to combine meteorological and […]

Risk-Based Assessments

Risk-Based Assessments An area in which environmental issues can have a significant impact is in industrial or commercial property transactions. Before a sale is closed, all parties should assess the potential for cleanup liabilities associated with contaminated properties. Liabilities under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA, 1980; EPCRA, 1986) make either the […]

Environmental Audits/Assessments

Environmental Audits/Assessments Environmental audits and assessments are used to quantify the environmental effects of a facility and to determine if pollutant levels are in compliance with norms, regulations, and guidelines. Some audits can be large-scale projects which include phases for planning, field survey, data acquisition, analysis, and the determination of appropriate controls or other mitigating […]